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The Community in Asheville
We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are disciples of Yashuah, the one the Bible calls "Jesus".

This means we have come to believe in and rely on His words and commands and to base our entire life on them.

Our life is one of sharing and togetherness. We care for each other and not for ourselves. We have found this to be the love of God that is able to be poured out into the hearts of men.

community busses downtown asheville

We have common houses that we share with families and single people living in them all. We have a common farm, too, that feeds us and contains the life we live.

We also have friends in other communities like ours all around the world. Perhaps you have met us somewhere and didn't realize we were right here in Asheville, too.

We have buses we use to move our communities around to places where we can offer hospitality to strangers. Maybe you've seen them...