We are a Messianic Community, and by “community” we do not mean a town or locality. Nor do we mean a loose association of individuals living near one another. And we surely do not mean a religious organization centered around meeting in a building, otherwise called a church. “Community” as we use the term means those who love one another so greatly that they are of one heart and mind, holding all things as common property, living together, taking their meals together, devoted to one another because they’re devoted to the One who saved them from death and misery.

As part of a new social order, we have a different culture from the rest of society. We have different goals and different standards. We serve the God of Abraham and want to train our children to keep His way — to always do what is right and fair. That’s why we home-school our children and make opportunities to include them in what we do. We want to equip them to make wise choices, and not be swayed by the media manipulation and love of pleasure that drives the modern world. We want them to understand the value of the treasure we have found, and to appreciate the One who rescued us from a lonely and futile existence.

Some people consider us Protestants. Some say we’re a surviving remnant from the Jesus Movement of the early 70s. Still others, noticing that we call our Savior by His Hebrew name Yahshua, assume we are Messianic Christians or part of something called the “Sacred Name” movement. But the true origin of our Twelve Tribes was this: God found a man who was ready to surrender completely and do His will. This man said in his heart, “All I want to do is love.” He soon came to understand the meaning of our Master’s words in John 15:5 — “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” And this is what he has passed on to others who were willing to surrender completely and do our Father’s will.


Commonwealth of Israel Communities
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